“Your home should tell the story of who are, and be a collection of what you love.” -Nate Berkus

Hello beauties! Summer is here, and we are so excited about the partners we’ve been blessed to work with this season at AG! The perfect weather has us buzzing for a crafty home project or stylish interior endeavor.

We love hearing from our readers, and one question lots of you ask is for go-to design ideas and tips when taking on a home renovation. Sometimes the excitement of starting a project can become a bit overwhelming when you begin laying out all of your plans and inspiration. How can you bring together all facets of your unique personality and beautiful lifestyle in one room? We always aim to represent our client’s distinctive style with each project, and over time, we’ve developed three signature design tips to making sure your project is just as vibrant as you.

Natural bliss

Bring the outdoors in by incorporating natural elements in your design plans. You can’t go wrong with whimsical wooden and bone accents, a cool and calming paint color, and plenty of light!

Details, darling

 Small items add interest and personality to a space. We love bringing in one-of-a-kind objects that represent our client’s best qualities. Sometimes, they even end up being our favorite parts of a design!

Make it yours

Rooms should feel homey and livable, which is why we always strive to design homes that work for the homeowner. When planning your space, remember to show off your favorite photos, display your personal collections, and keep your coffee table books. It’s your home! Let people see that when they walk in.





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